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depends on people only.


According to 4 Direct Search philosophy of we use direct search as the main search method. We contact the people happy about their present job, successful, highly evaluated by their supervisors who would not think about changing their work if they would not receive our client’s offer as the new chance for professional development. That is why we can present you the people who would never react to the job advertisment.
We cover all the leading companies in our Client’s and surrounding areas, so – in spite of the best candidates – you are getting the picture of market situation in the area you act.
In order not to loose some candidates from outside the target companies area for lower positions the direct search may be supported by advertising.
The first stage of our work is to understand the Client’s needs and agree on candidate’s profile requirements. Important point is, that we try to select candidates not only with adequate professional background and experience, but also fitting to the company culture. That is why after accepting the assignment our next step is to gain deep understanding of the company, the position to be filled and qualifications of the executive.

Using our data bank and knowledge of the sources of the best people we identify potential candidates. Then we evaluate the qualifications of identified prospects and prepare a short list of candidates fitting the best the characteristics agreed with the Client. We interview them and prepare final list of qualified candidates interested in the position to be filled.

Every person we recommend is presented to the Client in the letter describing his personal background, management style, business accomplishments, personal characteristics as well as why we feel the individual will be good in the offered position.
During the course of every assignment we maintain close contact with the Client to keep him aware of our progress and to learn quickly of any updating in the job specification / candidate qualifications. At no time during the search the Clients name is disclosed unless he authorizes us to do so.

As the search narrows to the individual negotiations we organize interviews with best candidates and assist the Client in making final selection and check references of the final candidate.

The search is conducted by the team of consultant and researcher specialized in the client’s business area. In our company we do not have “sales consultants” and “project consultants” – from the very beginning the client contacts the person who is responsible for all aspects of the project.

Our job is done not in the moment of placing the candidate but when his/her work gives our client the expected effect and benefit. That is why after hiring the person recommended by 4 Direct Search we stay in touch with candidate as well as with the client to make sure that their cooperation gives satisfaction to both of them.

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