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Our Team

The establisher and the leader of 4 Direct Search is Maciej Grzegrzolka, many years Managing Partner of the Polish office of the one of the leading international executive search companies.

Maciej Grzegrzolka is the pioneer of the executive search in Poland. He works in this area from 1991, when he established one of the first in Poland international company executive search office. From that time he successfully completed number of high level searches for consumer and industrial companies, banks and financial companies, telecommunication and new technologies. He placed number of Presidents/ General Managers, Financial Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors, Production, HR or IT Directors.

He works mainly for reputable international companies, having high requirements from their business partners. 

Maciej has the title of Mechanical Engineer and Master of Science in Business Management from the Warsaw Technical University- he combines own managerial experience with business, technical and psychological knowledge. 

He started his professional career in automotive business than for a couple of years had managerial positions in the area of international technology transfer. In 1990-91 he prepared and lectured business management and marketing within international educational programs for Polish managers.
For couple of years was the member of the Board and for one term-the President of the Polish Search Consultants Society.

His passion is mountaineering- from Polish mountains till Himalayas. Last year he was in Peruvian Andes, this year- just came from Pyrenees, where he climbed into Perdido. 

In 4 Direct Search Maciej Grzegrzolka is supported by the experience Consultants and researchers team.

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